New Machine Concept

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably had a new machine idea rattling around in a mental drawer for a while now. At Loupe, those ideas are what get us out of bed in the morning — which is why we’ve developed a process to give them some proper attention. We call it New Machine Concept.

Making the Imaginable Actionable

You bring us your back-of-the-napkin idea, and we figure out together how to make it real — it’s that simple. We love teaming up with courageous thinkers to uncover game-changing opportunities.

Maybe you already have a successful process and are looking to optimize it. Perhaps the machine is working fine, but regulatory changes have necessitated a closer look. Or, maybe you’re just interested to learn how Loupe could help your business innovate.

Whatever the case, New Machine Concept is our way of turning your back-of-the-napkin into a workable blueprint. And the best part is, your contribution to this stage isn’t monetary but rather an investment of time, attention, and an open mind.

If it ain’t broke…

This revolutionary approach requires us (and you) to think outside the box and imagine what’s possible. It requires a willingness to reexamine processes that may already be “working.” We love collaborating with the kind of people who appreciate why that exploration is valuable — even when nothing is broken. Because otherwise, why do anything? Why create? Why innovate? Why revolutionize?

If this speaks to you, you’re probably a fit for a New Machine Concept.

Why It Works

You have depth of industry and process expertise. We have breadth of technology and automation expertise. Combined, our cross-disciplinary experience is incredibly powerful.

New Machine Concept is an opportunity to leverage complementary skillsets, curiosity, and mutual trust in collaboration between all parties. We love combining our automation expertise with your industry expertise to imagine what’s possible together — giving you the opportunity to collaborate with experienced machine designers on the capabilities that excite you most.

What’s your New Machine Concept?

Interested in learning what new technologies and Loupe’s innovative spirit could accomplish for your business? A one-hour discovery meeting can turn your napkin sketch into a revolutionary New Machine Concept.