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Revolutionizing Industrial Automation

Loupe is a workshop company.

We bring together diverse disciplines to workshop ideas in a space that is made for tinkering and storytelling. Each project is unique and new to us, and that variety and cross-pollination fuel the pursuits that follow.

We do revolutionary automation work — the creative, exploratory, high-stakes, high-impact solutions to seemingly impossible challenges. We meet our clients as peers, embracing uncertainty together as we place big bets on game-changing opportunities.

The Functions of Loupe

To us, revolution can mean selling cutting-edge hardware, integrating custom software, or engineering a new solution altogether — unlocking potential in every part of the machine. These functions of Loupe are the economic engines of our creative practice:

Our software development consultancy. We are a team of Automation Software Engineers, wrenching on platforms from B&R, ABB, and Beckhoff. Our revolutionary approach is structured around iterative six-week sprints.

Our hardware distribution services for revolutionary automation technology. We sell B&R, ABB and Boston Dynamics Hardware. We operate like a shop, matchmaking technology for the problem.

Our internal R&D division. Sometimes, client work drives new automation technology… but other times, we need a place to pursue ideas no one is asking for (yet). Here, we pave the way for the future, exploring uncharted automation frontiers.

Our CI/CD for PLCs product. Designed for managing the full lifecycle of PLC and IPC software projects, Shuv enables you to test and push updates automatically to any system, from anywhere.

Loupe People

Behind our thriving ecosystem of engineers is Loupe People, our dedicated people operations. The way we think about the employee-company relationship is distinct and integral to our mission. In an environment of constant change and cross-functional collaboration, we depend on our champions of people ops to curate the vibe, support our creativity, and make work feel like home. Just as we prioritize exceptional user experiences in our work, we extend the same ethos to creating exceptional experiences for our people.

Curious what it’s like to be part of our team?

Media Squad

Humans respond to stories. That’s why storytelling has always been woven into the fabric of our company. Our Media Squad is a vibrant team of artists and community builders who transmit our purpose and ideas to the world. Media is our means for self-expression and our way to reach and resonate with friends we have yet to meet. Our sorcerers of media work their magic by creating compelling content to showcase new technology, share the Loupe philosophy, and invite like-minded visionaries into our ecosystem.

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Society of Automation Software Engineers

Loupe has long touted the application of software tools and technologies to the world of industrial automation and robotics — and now, we’ve founded a society for this new generation of engineers. Together, we’re pioneering the integration of software in machines, driving innovation straight from the plant floor.

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Our Mission is Revolution.

Loupe is on a mission to revolutionize the automation industry by redefining what’s possible. We unlock machine potential with our transformational approach, building on the advances of the past to pave a way to the future.

With breakthrough ideas we empower our people and our clients to be extraordinary. We seek the revolutionary in everything we do.

Our Values

We take our values very seriously. They are guiding principles that foster our unique culture and strengthen our business strategies. The Revolution is made possible by living these every day...

Revolutionary ImprovementMinimum Viable BureaucracyTrust in CollaborationExplore and DiscoverEngineer Your LifestyleNo AssholesThink Critically

Realizing Machine Possibilities


Ship in Six: How Does It All Work?

As a software development consultancy, our approach is structured around iterative six-week sprints — designed to account for the inevitable unknown. But how does that process actually take shape? Learn how we chart a course through uncharted territory.
The Unified Theory of Loupe

The Unified Theory of Loupe

Being Loupe is about more than running a business. In fact, we believe the business comes second and creativity comes first. Learn more about our revolutionary model.