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Our mission is Revolution.

Loupe is on a mission to revolutionize the automation industry. Our cross-disciplinary expertise allows us to unlock machine potential by leveraging industry-leading hardware, software, and engineering services.

We collaborate from design to production in our hybrid partnership model, identifying revolutionary improvements at every stage.

Our team

Loupe’s greatest source of power is our team. It takes passionate people to start a revolution, and we have the brightest, most inspired minds in the industry. As capable as we are as individuals, it’s our combined strengths that make us truly powerful.

We’re excited by new challenges. We empower each other to grow. We’ve joined forces because we know that together our potential is limitless.

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Loupe’s Revolutionary Method

A partnership with Loupe is drastically different from the standard approach. We work collaboratively with our partners to turn visions of revolutionary machines into realities. We team up on ideas, identifying improvements and new opportunities from the start.


Loupe systems start with industry-leading components. Top-of-the-line hardware allows for more sophisticated machine solutions and greater operational effectiveness.


Hardware is defined by the software running inside. We develop custom software in-house to level-up machine capability and deliver a comprehensive solution.


Instead of asking “what do you need us to make?” we ask, “what are you trying to accomplish?” Loupe engineers are creative problem solvers driven by possibilities.