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Our Mission is Revolution.

Loupe is on a mission to revolutionize the automation industry by redefining what’s possible. We unlock machine potential with our transformational approach, building on the advances of the past to pave a way to the future.

With breakthrough ideas we empower our people and our clients to be extraordinary. We seek the revolutionary in everything we do.


Partners in Automation

State-of-the-art solutions start with industry-leading hardware. Loupe is the exclusive distributor for B&R Industrial Automation in Oregon, Washington, and Northern California. Beyond distribution, we are experts in B&R integration, optimizing machine outcomes with our software and development techniques.

We see opportunities at all scales — from individual parts to complete machines. B&R components combined with Loupe control systems make for powerful possibilities.

Unlock Machine Potential



Loupe systems start with industry-leading hardware from B&R and ABB. Powerful hardware allows for more sophisticated solutions and greater operational effectiveness.



Software is the key material of the future of machines. We level-up machine capability by curating a versatile portfolio of software combining out-of-the-box, open-source, and custom Loupe code.

Engineering Services


Instead of asking “what do you need us to make?” we ask, “what do you want to accomplish?” Loupe engineers are creative problem solvers driven by possibilities.


Loupe’s Revolutionary Method

A partnership with Loupe is drastically different. Our competitors are focused on fulfilling orders for parts. We work collaboratively with our partners to turn visions of machines into realities, identifying improvements and new opportunities from the start.

Modeled after agile software development, our iterative prototyping process segments complex problems into sequential sprints, where challenges are addressed individually instead of simultaneously. The result is a higher success rate, greater cost efficiency, and revolutionary machine outcomes.

Realizing Machine Possibilities


New Machine Concept

If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably had a new machine idea rattling around in a mental drawer for a while now. At Loupe, those ideas are what get us out of bed in the morning — which is why we’ve developed a process to give them some proper attention. We call it New Machine Concept.


Ship in Six

When it comes to product development, it’s no secret that the only certainty is uncertainty, and change the only constant. Rather than shying away from this fundamental truth, in our years working in automation we’ve found a way to embrace it. We call it Ship in Six.