Live at Loupe

Live at Loupe S2E3

Last week during Live at Loupe, we began our first week in sprint mode, dedicating time to discuss the tools needed to start a digital twin of the Trak Packer. Blackburn kicked off the meeting, giving an agenda overview and defining the scope of the project. He quickly turned it over to Jonathan, who brought the team up to speed on what they have so far, which included demos of recipe visualizations.

Josh shared existing B&R Automation Studio infrastructure, and our own libraries and software. At Loupe, we use a lot of open source tools, including 3D graphics software like three.js, in our user interfaces. Josh’s overview of our projects exemplified the benefits of a Machine-Centric approach, unifying robotics with discrete automation components, all as one piece of software.

The team was also joined by Andrew, who illustrated the importance of collaborative efforts between DevOps and users. Practicing continuous integration eliminates barriers throughout the process to keep projects and feedback moving quickly.