Live at Loupe

Live at Loupe S2E2

This season of Live at Loupe, we’re turning our Trak Packer Concept from season one into a complete digital twin in a 6 week sprint. Last week, the team wrapped up the final scope meeting and clarified which demo and development tools would be the best choice for this phase.

After weighing out the pros and cons between RobotWare and Automation Runtime, the team decided that a Machine-Centric approach would be a better fit for an interactive demo that’s easy to distribute (without having to download/install RobotStudio). The group noted that the final build will include RobotStudio, but it can be simulated with a Machine-Centric approach for the digital twin.

In addition to the software, David Nichols emphasized the value in having DevOps integration, which offers greater visibility of refinements to the demo in real-time. David Blackburn defined the product infeed and outfeed modeling, and the team agreed on its parameters.

Next up, the team prepares to move into the official sprint with these details in place. Tune in to watch as our team begins building a digital twin!