Live at Loupe

Live at Loupe S2E1

Welcome back to Live at Loupe, our YouTube livestream series featuring real-time development of revolutionary machine concepts and technologies. Last week, we kicked off our second season virtually with some new and returning faces. Season One put our New Machine Concept process to the test, turning our back-of-the-napkin sketch into a prototype-worthy design plan known as the Trak Packer.

This season, our goal is to turn our concept to a complete digital twin in a 6 week sprint. After a quick briefing, David Blackburn started shaping the scope of season two and prioritizing what’s achievable in six weeks’ time. The team discussed what software to use, who the target audience would be, and how to show and distribute a self contained package using an ABB Robot Virtual Controller (without the user having to download RobotStudio).

After reviewing key decisions, the team disbanded, each with their own threads to follow in prep for the next meeting. Jonathan is investigating if it’s possible to have ABB’s virtual controller operate as a standalone solution. Josh is checking out the interfacing between threejs and ABB, and David B. is finalizing the scope for the season.