Live at Loupe

Live at Loupe Recap – Week 2

We recently kicked off our new livestream series, Live at Loupe, where our New Machine Concept team is setting out to turn revolutionary ideas into workable blueprints.

This season, we’re designing a new packaging machine that can handle a wide variety of product inputs without any changeovers in hard tooling.

During last week’s discovery meeting, we clarified objectives and expectations for season one, and asked Nathan and Jonathan to follow up on some threads related to infeed mechanisms and timing studies.

With only a few days between meetings, Nathan and Jonathan workshopped potential solutions for track layout and perceived risks. Nathan explored how to eliminate (or reduce) unconstrained movement of an object when it enters a shuttle. Jonathan worked on tuning the balance between infeed speed, number of shuttles, and track length of the track to hit the highest case output while leaving some wiggle room for process delays or other interruptions.

Tune in this Tuesday (10am PST) when we’ll be finishing our track cell layout and setting the plan for our next development sprints.