Industry-Leading Hardware

State-of-the-art solutions depend on the best components.

Industry-Leading Hardware

State-of-the-art solutions depend on the best components.


B&R sets the standards in automation technology. For 40 years, they’ve been leading innovation in hardware and controls, which is precisely why we partner with them. We believe B&R developments are always five years ahead of the curve. Keeping up is a constant hustle, but it forces continuous learning and pushes our outcomes to the next level.

B&R relentlessly pursues the cutting edge. Our team is motivated by each and every possibility they introduce. To some, their gear may be intimidating, but to us, it is irresistible. We are incredibly fortunate they choose us as a channel partner. Bringing these parts to the market truly allows us to do our best work. B&R is empowering the Loupe revolution.

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ABB Robotics is a leading supplier of industrial robots for applications across industries.

Powerful ideas shouldn’t be limited by hardware constraints. The diverse ABB component collection gives us the freedom to approach problems with creativity, so concepts can come to life as we envision.

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Boston Dynamics

Boston Dynamics is a world leader in mobile robots, specializing in legged machines. They combine the principles of dynamic control and balance with sophisticated mechanical designs to create robots with advanced mobility, dexterity, and intelligence — enabling them to deftly maneuver around obstacles and traverse difficult terrain.

Loupe is proud to be a technical integration partner for Boston Dynamics, taking revolutionary machines like Spot and making them useful and productive in real-world applications.

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Revolution at
Every Scale

We jump at the chance to dream up new ideas from scratch, but major improvements don’t always have to happen from the ground up. A single machine component can be a catalyst for revolutionary advancement. That’s the power of a closer look: small parts can mean big change.